Selasa, 26 Agustus 2008


When I have my diner last night, I received SMS from my friend..... quickly I open and read the SMS because I am worry he has a problem again with his BH, since few weeks ago he was very upset and very moody. I don't want to say anything in my CATATAN about his BH problem and caused by what... but I help him to solve his BH problem with my heart without any obligation and or attack to anybody.

He always remember what I said to him. This is part of his email to his friends which he has CC to me : "When I went to see Pak Hen this is the first thing he said to me" Quote" Pak B.. you want to play bird ? (swiftlets in this case). First you must fill your stomach , then play with birds (swiftlets) to fill your heart. "Unquote" I hope my friends understand what Pak Hen is saying. "

This is his SMS to me last night:
"Hi Pak. I applied the cocktail today. Very strong smell even my clothing smell. Good sign 2 spot of birds shit while I was away. Also have few birds in BH at 7 PM. I will update you 1 week time as I will be in KK tomorrow. Thanks."

I am very happy to read his SMS, my cocktail work as I predicted. I had use this cocktail in many BH which have problem, proven effective to attract the swiftlet and make the swiftlet stay. I will continue to assist him till his BH success without any obligation.

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