Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Application of Swiftlet's Aromatic Fusion - H3N1

We are commercially producing Swiftlet's Aromatic Fusion H3N1 in 2 type, i.e. aroma in canister with metered valve for dispenser unit and non metered valve for direct spray to nesting plank and/or fake nests.
These type of aroma packaging make you easy to apply and practically very effective to attract / lure the birds to stay and build the nests in your bird's house.

For Roving and Nesting Room
Below is the direction for use of my aroma - Swiftlet's Aromatic Fusion H3N1 aerosol metered valve, in canister for using Dispenser unit to make your BH to have aroma continously.
The best if you are using the dispenser unit with timer and on it from 15.00 to 19.00 hours with interval 5 minutes. 1 can of aroma last for at least 1 month or 3,200 shoots.
This aroma can install in the roving room and nesting room. If you install in roving room, please mounting it 70 cm from LMB (Bird's Entrance Hole), if in Nesting room please mounting it 20-40 cm from the nesting plank.
Please close the ventilation holes surrounding dispenser unit to prevent the aroma not flowing out from your BH.

Direct Spray Aroma
My aroma in canister with non metered valve can direct spray to nesting plank and/or fake nests. This aroma will not make your nesting plank moldy because my aroma is oil base and no water content. This is the first in the world that Swiftlet's aroma can directly spray to nesting plank without worry mold growing on the nesting plank. And proven that this aroma also can cure the fungus on the nesting plank.
Please re-apply every 2 (two) week on the same place of nesting plank or fake nests till the birds stay.

The efficacy of my aroma has been test in many BH in Indonesia, Sarawak and West Malaysia and proven that my aromas are very effective to attract and make birds faster build the nests. Now many BH in Indonesia and Malaysia using my aroma, and we are only the one who are producing swiftlet's aroma in canister and distribute to all of city in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Please make sure that you buy the correct aroma with label HM Swiftlets, I would like to remind to all of my blog reader to be careful, because in Malaysia somebody took out of HM SWIFTLETS label and selling my aroma(s) without label HM SWIFTLETS.
Is it ethical to do that???? I think we all know what his/their aim.

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