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What Techniques I implemented in this BH?

My friend just tell me that the BH I revamp uploaded to swiftletfarmer.blogspot.com by James... Thanks James

Before i do revamp, this BH 3 years stagnant.. and only have less than 70 nests.

I did revamp this BH last year on April 2010 http://waletasia.blogspot.com/2010/04/revamp-bh-in-kelantan-by-group-of-phm.html and now become one of success BH in Kelantan as reported / mentioned by James in his blog. Thanks again

Do you know what techniques i am implement to this BH? is it true as just simple technique? is it true is just use different tweeter on top and bottom LMB? Is it true that the bottom tweeter as major attractor? What is secret?
Please come and join my seminar on 28- 29 May 2011. I will tell you what my techniques and the purpose of the bulb.

Once again, thanks to James for his report.

source: swiftletfarmer.blogspot.com

The above picture is one of the successful Bh in Kelantan. This Bh is adopting the Bottom External Tweeters technique which I have written in my earlier article “Where to Fix the external Tweeters”. This Bh uses 2 external tweeters at the bottom (Motorola Pz-16) and the above are 2 Audax. The Pz-16 at the bottom is the major attractor not the Audax at the top. Many may not have noticed this though 4 tweeters work together.

No wonder this Bh is attracting lots of birds. It is not luck or coincident. What I had written is being practiced by many successful Bhs. It is a technique which many wouldn’t want to teach. Some may have been practicing it for long time without knowing that they are in the right path.

I always tell my readers observe and learn. Don’t just look at those birds circling at those successful Bhs and admire how many birds or nests they have and how lucky the owners are. Admiring doesn’t help you. Look and search for the extra clues all are out there for you to learn. Though you may not have the opportunity to go inside these Bhs but at least from outside it shows and teaches you something.

The Ability to attract birds to enter the Bhs is as important as having a good macro. If the birds don’t come and don’t fly into the Bh no matter how good the macro is, it’s useless.

But if this is my Bh I would exclude the light bulb at the entrance. I just don’t buy the technique of fixing a light bulb outside the Bh. You could do that if you want, not me.

Good Swiftlet farming All!. The Best is To SHARE!.

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