Selasa, 07 Oktober 2008

Email from Pak Ben Chai

Thank You and Your KPW Team

Monday, October 6, 2008 7:43 PM

Hi Pak Hen,

After attending your Seminar in Pontianak I renovated my second BH ( First BH total failure and dismantled after 2 years ) following your design and instruction. Was delighted with 6 spots of bird shit within 1 month. I got greedy and applied G.... coloured .... potions which is suppose to fill up my BH in a short time (even with out nesting plank).
To my horror all the bird left the BH totally empty (as observed from my CCTV if.) I sent out SOS to Pak Hen , PHM and team Pak Jeff and CK Chan immediately jumped into action instructing what to do and Pak. Hen will prepair and send me a Special Cocktail for the contaminated Planks. . I washed down the whole BH plank by plank and then aired the BH for 10 days. When I received the COCKTAIL from Pak Hen , I sprayed all the planks using 1 1/2 liter. After two days observed from the CCTV the BH is again becoming active. I was away on Fire Relief Mission and the to to my other property in KK. When cane back in mid August I was delighted to see 4 HEAP of Bird Shit. After another 2 weeks I checked the BH again and was over the MOON to see 3 Bird Nest foundations out 5 heaps of BS. but no new spot of BS.

This is for your readers: Pak Hendri Mulia (PHM) and team came to my rescue without any obligations or expected any financial reward. I am so greatful that PHM came forward to help me because I attended 2 of his seminars in KT and Pontian and have accepted Him as my sifu. To any one who is serious about going into Birdnest , weather as a business or just to FILL YOUR HEART . This is your golden opportunity to attend PHM seminar in Nov. Its a must have Course . Pak Hen have only a few items to sell you but ( "Quote" by PHM - the seminar I give you here is base on my 15 years experience in Birdnest business and the best and most effective method practice in Indonesia's and to teach you how to self diagnosis of your BH problem "Unquote" ) This can only come from a very sincere person !! Who else will teach you to make your own aroma with ingredients available in your area and how to recognise various bird call and lots and lots more. If you don't come its your loss.
I am indebted to PHM and team and if any readers need to verify my story pls get either my phone number or email address from my SIFU Pak Hen.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you in NOV. Will have Oswald, Justin. Danny, Lim C.L., Mr Loh. from Kuching. Myself,Lawrance , Chow and Didacus from KK. . Billy and Koh from Miri. I am sure more interested participant will sign on in the week to come.

Kind regards,


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