Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

Visit to Kuching Farmer's BH

Last day in Sarawak, we reached Kuching at 12.20 pm. Kuching Farmer and Professor Yap pick us up to have lunch. After lunch we go to his BH.
His BH designed by himself with the guidance what he learn from SJMW seminar in Jakarta.

I have tuned his sound system, little bit correction and give him some advise what he must do for his BH.
His BH just on sound 10 days ago, and already have 5 birds stay.

Afternoon we back to Kuching but on the way back Professor Yap asking to have Minyak M, he give me 1 big bottle of G. Stout, aiya..... I must finish it by myself he he he...
After finish our drink, we go to restaurant to have dinner with our friend, Oswald, Mr. Loh and Mr. Wong, President and Vice President of Sarawak Bird's Nest Merchants Association.
We have small discussion and only few minutes since I must rush to catch my flight back to Jakarta.
I hope one day we can continue discussion either in Jakarta or Kuching.

For Kuching Farmer and T2020, congratulate for your new BH, I am sure you will success. GOOD LUCK!!

Thank's to all of my Sarawak friends, thanks for your hospitality and I hope we can meet again in Jakarta this year.

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