Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Good Location

As I always mentioned that the bird houses will be very fast occupy by swiftlets if build at the good location.
If we have good location for swiftlet farming, eventhough the BH design is not suitable for swiftlet and without sound to lure,the swiftlet still come in and stay very very fast.

The above BH just turn on the sound for few weeks, but more than 60 swiftlets have been stay.
This BH has 6 entrance holes. Every holes playing different sound.

Look at the video below, this BH made from woood, but 1 year already have more than 500 nests. What the secret? No secret. How about sound? The owner just use ordinary sound which we can found easily in Indonesia or Malaysia.
How about the temperature, humidity and wind blow?
This BH facing South China sea, and entrance holes facing to the sea. Ventilation holes so many and all open. So, we can imagine the temperature and humidity fluctuation. Temperature and humidity will not stable. But why the birds like to stay in this BH? LUCK????? X Factor??? or GOOD LOCATION?

If we have good location, proper design and good sound, what happen??

If we can build standalone BH and swiftlets very fast stay and build their nests, should we build BH in the Shoplots, swiftlet center or Eco Park?

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