Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

Pak Ben's New BH

I just received pak Ben's email this morning. He will do grand opening of his BH by mid of May 2009.

Pak Ben deceided to build his new stand alone BH in somewhere in Sarawak, of course before he decide to build BH, he did test location. Good location.
He proved to us that he can completed the BH in 29 days and with very cheap cost.


Below is Pak Ben's email to me and our friends.

Hi Friend and my sifu,

Proud to show you Pak Hen endorsed design BH completed in 29 days. at cost of RM 23.30 per sq. Ft.

Now cleaning up and installing NP and Hanging partition. Kuching Farmer will fly in from Kuching to install sound system on 11 may . Hope to on the music on 15th May.

Kalvin Chai and Professor Yap will fly in from Kuching to do final inspection. All I need now is home made aroma and Birds.



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