Kamis, 20 November 2008

Comment from my Blog Reader

Poppercaster berkata...

Stay cool Pak Hen.

I don't know you personally and have not met you but bought your book and believe you know what you are talking about. Judging for own observation since involved in this industry early this yr, I have read quite a bit on the net as well as purchasing many books from Eka and also attended seminar.

Traced back some of the things written by some famous bloggers dated back in 2007, you get to know bit of their background and knowledge too. I was so surprised to read some articles where they mentioned harvesting new bird nest without waiting for the chicks to fly away in some forum and now these people are famous sifu bloggers after one yr.

When I started early this yr, there were some commotion in the forum. Remember one forummer given warning to others to be careful of this blogger. Slowly I know why. I paid ~$50 for a simple .doc file which he claimed to be donated to churches and temples, that's fine if he is sincere. Even teh tarik with him also chargeble. What a joke.

Newbie also cant be so silly, with a old friend mentor who owns +10 BH to verify his claims.

Don't worry if you conscience is clear Pak.

Rabu, November 19, 2008 10:39:00 AM

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ornimann mengatakan...

Hi Hendri
Back in those days there is an actor who tried his luck starring in Spanish-Western Cowboy movies.Remember "A fistful of dollars , For a few dollars more n the most famous of all, The Good the Bad & the Ugly.The actor was Clint Eastwood.After his success he set up a production co.& produced super box office hits one of which was DIRTY HARRY. Oh how I love those movies back then,no dvd no youtube etc.

But something hit me ????
Fistful of Dollars + For A Few Dollars More .....Dirty Harry
Ini semua Gel!!!
Lagi pun I pun suka dengar lagu tapi slow ones macam "Close to You"
Why do birds suddenly appear
Everytime you are near
Tapi birds suddenly disappear !
Have to usher them to come back.... How?
Play the Black Thunder lah !
Sad to say tak ada music ini.
Black Cloud ? dont dare to play it
why? American Red Indian Chief's soul will get angry.
Hendri look on the bright side while bracing ourselves for hard times ahead.
Like Dirty Harry said in his movies
"Make my Day"

afd mengatakan...

Pak Han,
we trust have confident in you and trust you. This person no successful farm yet but already sufi and give course to cambodian hahahaha!! laugh until cry . Very soon also give serminar. This person used to run mutinational company and kanak goreng suntong, now reduce to sell aroma and copy other people cds and give power name and sell to newbi like me. This man like K.... H... very soon run away also. Like this chari makan let him lah !