Rabu, 19 November 2008

Black Storms VS Neighbour's BH Sound

I received this video from Pak B on 28 October 2008. I just received his SMS today informed me that his BH already had birds stay at least 40 birds and everytime many birds coming into his BH.

Readers, Pak B just using my sounds (external and internal sound) 1.5 months ago and his BH design is did by himself.
1.5 months ago he sent me his BH sketch and photo by email. I did retouch little bit and advise him what he should do by email.
Same thing I did with pak Eddy's BH. Initial design is by himself, but near the finishing I did retouch.
I am not the BH contractor, not the seller of swiftlet equipments at this moment and I am not charge to pak Eddy and pak B a single cents for consultation. I help them with my heart, I assist them are not because of money... but friendship.

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