Selasa, 18 November 2008

Comments of Harry Blog - Pak Eddy's BH Pontianak

I want to explain about what Harry wrote in his blog and his comments of pak Eddy's BH.

Firstly, I didn't know what his motives suddenly wrote comments of pak Eddy's BH, as I knew that he visited pak Eddy's BH when he went to Jungkat, Pontianak, last month (October 2008).

What Harry wrote in his blog is wrong, because:
1. Pak Eddy's BH is just start on beginning of July 2008, so right now just 4.5 months instead of 10 months as mentioned in Harry's blog
2. On 21 September 2008, I went to Pak Eddy's BH with our friends, Pak Syam and Pak HianHing. I just open the door and I felt the birds have stayed. We check the birds shit dropping, and found the birds shit in the ponds, at least 11 birds shit dropping. All birds stay on the middle near the center tweeter on styrofoam. We can see clearly that the styrofoam used by birds.
3. Yesterday, 17 November 2008, Pak Eddy told me that at least already 30 birds stay, 3 nests half cup and many nest marking. So what Harry wrote in his blog is totally wrong.
4. The temperature and humidity relatively stable as shown the temperature and humidity data log which sent to me by Pak Eddy.
5. No harm using the pool / ponds inside BH.
6. Entrance holes size is only 40 cm x 60 cm is not too large and will not cause the internal micro habitat unstable. We have designed properly to prevent it. And I don't want to tell what I did, since many copy catter.
7. Not many tweeter and need to double the tweeter quantity? We not make surround concert in pak Eddy's BH and for your info pak Eddy is expert in audio, he know very well in audio and have complete sophisticated gadget for audio and installation.
8. Concrete nesting plank has advantage and disadvantage and debatable.
9. Pools inside in the BH will not make humidity always above 95% if we have good control on air circulation.
10. Pools on top of the roof and covered by shading net, it is Pak Eddy's good idea after I explained to him what the disadvantage have pool on the top roof.
Harry don't know what the function.

Finally, I can say that what Harry commented on Pak Eddy's BH is too arrogant and unproffessional as he mentioned that no one can help pak Eddy's BH and he suggested to sell.

For your info, pak Eddy's BH using my external sound and internal sound as commented by Harry is not good.
I have many many version and sounds from slow rock, disco till dang dut which can make your birds come and stay.
You can see the above video, using Lacur New version, Slow Rock... you can see the birds flying... How???

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Poppercaster mengatakan...

Stay cool Pak Hen.

I don't know you personally and have not met you but bought your book and believe you know what you are talking about. Judging for own observation since involved in this industry early this yr, I have read quite a bit on the net as well as purchasing many books from Eka and also attended seminar.

Traced back some of the things written by some famous bloggers dated back in 2007, you get to know bit of their background and knowledge too. I was so surprised to read some articles where they mentioned harvesting new bird nest without waiting for the chicks to fly away in some forum and now these people are famous sifu bloggers after one yr.

When I started early this yr, there were some commotion in the forum. Remember one forummer given warning to others to be careful of this blogger. Slowly I know why. I paid ~$50 for a simple .doc file which he claimed to be donated to churches and temples, that's fine if he is sincere. Even teh tarik with him also chargeble. What a joke.

Newbie also cant be so silly, with a old friend mentor who owns +10 BH to verify his claims.

Don't worry if you conscience is clear Pak.

HenMulia mengatakan...

Thanks pak.
Hope one day we can meet.

HenMulia mengatakan...

Yes... i remember that one forumer given warning to us. He also email to me pdf file.