Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Thailand's Dessert

Last week I went to Thailand, and I take opportunity go to Bangkok - Chinatown at night to try sea food and Chinese Food which my Thai friend told me cheap and delicious.

After have diner, I walk around Chinatown. Many hawkers selling many kind of goods and food including dessert, i.e.: bird nest soup, wedang ronde, white and black mushroom, etc.
The interesting, they are selling bird's nest soup on walking street in front of their bird's nest shop, and the price between 50 Bath to 300 Bath per bowl.

Burapa Bird's Nest selling bird's nest soup start from 100 Bath to 1,000 Bath.

This is one of strategy to increase demand on bird's nest. We should follow their strategy to increase bird's nest sales and direct serve to customer. Good and healthy dessert can find easily in Chinatown - Bangkok.
How about in Indonesia?

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