Minggu, 21 Juni 2009


Do you want your birds house have multi layer of nests like pictures below?

(photo documentation by: WL1SGT)

Are the owner of this BH using swiftlet aroma or LP? The answer is NO.

(photo documentation by: WL1SGT)

The owner f this BH is my good friend and I ever visited his BH 2 year ago as I ever wrote in this blog.

He never using LP and not use swiftlet parfume to attract birds to stay and encourage them to build nests or become multi layer nests.
When I visited his BH I ever ask to him, are you using LUCK PORTION (LP)? He laughing.... yes, I am lucky because I have good location, I did swiftlet farming in correct time.

Is he ever attend seminar? NO NEED. He should be a speaker. One day I will invite him as speaker.

In my previous seminar, many of succesful swiftlet farmers, also son of Indonesia King of Swiftlet joined my seminar. For what they attended my seminar? Many reasons!!
They joined my seminar for gathering, sharing knowledge, to know new technic, to know problems which facing by others and how to prevent and solve the problems, and the important thing is they want to know how to make swiftlet aroma which effective to attract swiftlet, etc, etc....

Whether they get 10 score or 4 score, no problem for them, because they got many friends to sharing and after you attended my seminar you no need consultant anymore. You can become as consultant for your own BH, and you must become consultant of your own BH. Because you are every time can know your swiftlet behaviour, your BH condition, etc... so don't depend on CONSULTANT.
So, If you ask the consultant, need or no need to attend my seminar, they will say NO NEED. WHY? You think by yourself.

(photo documentation by: WL1SGT)

(photo documentation by: WL1SGT)

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