Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Clove and Tobacco

This evening I received call from my blog reader. He asking why beside of Aroma in mineral water bottle has Kretek Cigarettes "GG"? Are you promoting GG or your aroma sponsored by GG?
I said to him that GG is my favorite cigarettes.

Is your aroma containing tobacco smell?? Ha ha ha ha ha.... not only tobacco, I also using clove, that's why I ever told to my friend that my aroma is Herbal Aroma Therapy for Swiftlet.

He asked me "Are you kidding?". May be no may be yes...! The concept how to make swiftlet addicted and become sales promotion girls to attract their friends to come to our birds house.

"Wah.. you will make the swiftlet run away from BH" he replied to my answer. Ha ha ha ha.... run away from whose BH???? and will they stay to our BH which use your aroma? Ha ha ha!

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