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Saturday, December 6, 2008 11:24 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Ben Chai"

Hi Pak Hen,

I am now back in Miri and rested. Like to share my thoughts on your seminar in Jakarta last week.

First let me congratulate you and your team for organizing such successful event with 86 participants with walk in participants one from Sarawak one Kuala Terengganu and two from as far as Pontianak .
The good respond from Indonesia proved your critics dead wrong that you are not popular in Indonesia. Cry your heart out Man!

Pak. Bung Bung and team demonstration on 4 ways surround sound to emulate the true sound in a natural cave with only one amp. Although is only on trial one can see the great interest and concentration by everyone .
Your team further reveled the high tech method of making bird sounds artificially using trumpet and other devices in a studio and tuning them to the right frequencies and is far more effective then natural sound as demonstrated.
I will not go further on this subject . For readers who wish to find out , Come to the next seminar. I will be tempted to copy them and rename them with some dangerous sounding name like “Tornado”or “Harrycan” and sell them for say RM 500.00 each.(limited time only) Hay! Pak can make money lah ! but no principal Lah!

The home made imitation nest by Pak Abeng is great but I think Malaysian Ranchers will not bother and will just buy ready made ones . Never the less you observed the number of participants copy the cut out samples.

One can feel the room feel with excitement when Pak Preddy presented the extraction of oil from birds feathers, Bird Nest and glands of civet cats for aromas with his impressive set up of scientific apparatus to extract only 7 gm of oil from 1 liter of media or wash, this is brush on to the speakers and will last for 3 months. Solution type are packed in aerosol can and the dispenser will slow released them , each can will also last for three months thus planks will not be contaminated and become moldy . What a great idea and soooo high tech. I am fortunate enough be given a small bottle from Pak Preddy ( Thanks Pak ) which I have applied to all the speakers in my new bird house which have 5 nest ( 4 months) all on the corner board. I will report back if they started building nest on or near the speakers. I am already ordering my distiller from US and 2 kgs of feathers from my friend who is processing black nest in Kuching.

The high light of the seminar have to be the natural method of making RED nest . Pak Hen and Pak Abeng brought in samples and pre – prepared media. Procedures were shown step by step how to make these beautiful Orange to Red nest. Everyone was so engrossed , even the only Lady participant the Lovely Mrs. Jeff Kau Kau.( Hay! Congratulation on the birth of your first child ) Stood up and unconsciously moving nearer and nearer to the front table. Question after questions were patiently answered and explain again and again. This section alone is worth lots more then what we actually paid for the seminar plus the 2 free cds and all tea breaks and lunches. Wah !! it’s a gift. I am Willing to pay RM5000.00 fees just to attend a course exclusively on this subject alone.

So many Participants are already asking when is the next seminar. Not only the course but the brotherhood, the fun being together with friends who speak Golf ( in this case Swift lets) Jakarta is a great city, blows your mind. Our friends from Kuching were really carried away and partied all night. Danny miss the second day seminar was told by his two buddies that he was in his room and on saline drip Ha Ha HA!! On last day went MIA again.

Suggest Pak Hen to conduct another seminar early 2009 somewhere in Malaysia and in English. The hand out also in English and perhaps improve on enlarging the diagrams and clearer printing for future reference without the help of a magnifying glass HA Ha sorry Pak. Here Pak Hen teach you how to be a successful swift lets farmer base on his 10 years experiences and the most successful method practice in Indonesia. He don’t have any merchandise to sell nor entice you to engage him to be your sifu for a fee. Consultations and answer all your question and no extra charges. I will definite go to the next Pak Hen’s seminar .I also suggest pak that you start a forum exclusively for participants who have attended your seminar .
All must have personal identification, photo and personal email address. This site we can keep in touch and exchange views, ideas, perhaps music, aromas the list goes on and on . Your comment pls.

Last but not list may I on behalf of all the wonderful participants say thank you to Pak Hen and team. I perhaps the most senior (in terms of age !!!!) feel so in touch with all the youngsters. Still the monkey in the zoo ! arriving back in Kota Kinabalu received 2 personal calls and 3 sms if I have arrive home safely. Thanks for your concerns guys, I don’t think I look as if I was fall dead anytime soon did I ?? HaHaHA!!! Wah! Worth all the jokes and entertainments I shared with everyone all these are bonus of my life.

Thanks All and God Bless.

Ben Chai

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Uncle Ben we are all monkeys from msia to Jarkata hehehe.