Selasa, 09 Desember 2008

Black Thunder

I just came back from outtown last night, and I just open my email this morning.

I receive email from my blog reader as follow:

Black ThunderSunday, December 7, 2008 6:43 PM
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Dear Pak Hendri,

I wrote to you a few weeks back enquiring if you will be holding seminars in mALaysia next year. U told me to keep in touch with your partner CK.
Pak, I hope you don't mind. I really don't know who is who in this industry. I recently just got burned by a Consultant I hired. I was impressed by his website.
I guess the Krai Ecopark influenced me to believe he is genuine. ANyway after the mieny has been paid and he cannot be contacted after 1 month I decided to draw the line. I cannot recover what I have lost.
I hope I can be more careful next tiem round.
I surf your site and saw the Black Thunder here in yr website. You selling and how much is it?
IS Harry Kok your partner? He is selling but I just want to double check with you first.

HOpe you can find time to reply me.I know you are a busy. ANywya I try my luck.

Thank you.



I already reply to her that Harry Kok ( is not my partner or agent. He never bought the Black Thunder sound from me, may be he got Black Thunder Sound from his friend, then copies and sell it again and/or change the name become "C.... Thunder", I don't know.... but my readers will be the judge...

I already predict he will copy and sell it, as one of my reader already warned and informed me last time, even he scanned my book "Strategi Jitu Memikat Walet" and sell it to his blog readers.

My partner in Malaysia is only CK and we don't have any agent in Indonesia or Malaysia.

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