Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009

My Aroma

Last night I just received email from my friend who are using my aroma spray in can, as follow:

Colony count hit 50 just now !Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:51 PM
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Dear Bro,

Thing I made change/add to the BH for the past 3 days :-

Apply your Spray Aroma on 18th August 2009 in roving room and near the
colony also the entrance hole. - see photo - blue mark are places I
spray your aroma.
Add water and your water base aroma to bird shit. - to produce extra
ammonia smell.
Make extra fooding for birds - 4 pail - today can see many worms start to
Add Sound Play on Bazooka : HXXXX - Birds seen like this sound very much,
I can see many birds from nearby BH come to play
whole day.
Raining day for the pass 3 days - cool - this may be 1 of the reasons.

Last 15 mins count for today pass 200++

Any comments !


After I read his email, I call him. He said that he also surprise that bird's colony now hit to 50 birds after spray my aroma in can three days ago.
Three days ago the colony only have 25 birds and now become 50 birds, only three days!

For info, I gave him my aroma in can when he in Jakarta, 8 August 2009.



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