Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009

My Aroma Effect - Update

24th August 2009
7th Day after applying Pak Hen Aroma.

Weather today here : various clouds cool

Last 15 mins birds count hit 300++ this is the higher records ever for my BH. First time my wife said cannot count ! he he
Colony count hit 68 birds.


Where did the birds come from? I am still wondering ..... With good Micro & Macrohabitat, right timing, Good Sound, Good Aroma and cool weather sure have their effect on the birds to come and stay. By analysis the recent Hot Spot Borneo statalite picture dated 24 August 2009, It seen that the Hot Spot in Kalimantan continue to increase(getting worse), again this might be the possibility that some young birds migrate away from the Hot Spot area. Is this what we called LUCK ?

Hi all ...just have a quick scan on my CCTV video backup this morning, the birds count hit 74 birds ! last night .. see how the birds line-up.


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