Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010


Ulet (bahasa Indonesia) is Tough and the definition of TOUGH is Having the quality of flexibility without brittleness

Why in swiftlet farming must be SMART, INNOVATIVE, DILIGENT AND TOUGH? Why you need to learn from experienced practitioners? Will you learn swiftlet farming from enthusiastic, hobbiest or advisor?

In the competitive era we should be smart and tough, never give up to do innovation to find new techniques to lure swiftlets. No Pain, No Gain. No Victory without sacrificed. No Freedom without sacrificed.

Experienced practitioners have did many techniques to find the best technique to lure swiftlets, and then they success to lure swiftlets. They sacrified. Spend a lot of time and money to do experiments and innovation and finaly succeed.

Enthusiast and advisor are just give idea and advice you how to do but they not do it yet.
They just say, "please try my idea and if not work please don't blame me .... bla bla bla... " They just copy from the books and said that are their idea.

Hobbiest said "never mind, just do it, if not work no problem lah...hobby mah... enjoy... don't think so much...."

Robert T. Kiyosaki said:

So, will you learn swiftlet farming from experienced practitioners or from enthusiast/advisor/hobbiest in swiftlet farming? You decide it!!

Please note that swiftlet farming is BUSINESS and it's not HOBBY!

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