Selasa, 01 September 2009

Aroma is not Everything

In the previous posting about my aroma, Tan2020 have reported the result of my aroma which he tested in his BH. The result is GOOD because his BH location very good, BH design very good, and the most important is he take care of his BH very very well.
Is it because of my aroma make his BH success???????
His BH success because his BH located at VERY GOOD LOCATION, GOOD DESIGN, LESS COMPETITOR and the important is he take care and manage his BH very very well. He is not just built the BH and not take care of it.
So, his BH success is not just because of my aroma, but because of HIM.

Please note that Aroma is not MAGIC and aroma is not EVERYTHING, which can solve our BH problem and make birds population grow faster. Aroma is complementary.

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Swiftlet mengatakan...

As a tester of Pak Hen 's new Aroma, I totally agreed with Pak Henmulia, AROMA is not magic, but it help as a booster if your BH location,design,sounds,management and micro habitat condition is right ! No short cut in Swiftlet Farming, no just by spreading aroma you can get good result. Many factors to consider... Cheer !